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Privacy Statement

  • Personal data handled by us
    Color Space handles your personal data in order to ensure we can deliver our services to you and/or because you provided us with that information yourself. We handle the following data:

     - Full name

     - E-mail address
     - Phone number(s)
     - Company name and address
     - Personal address (when applicable)

  • We do not collect information other than that which you provide yourself by filling up any of the forms within our website domain. Underage individuals should have permission from a parent or guardian before submitting their information.

  • Why do we collect your data and handle it


      Color Space handles your data with the following goals:

     - To contact you when necessary for providing you with our services

     - To keep you informed about the services we are currently providing you
     - To inform you about changes in our services and products

  • Automated decisions
    Color Space does not use automated systems to take actions which could have predictable consequences for people and their data. Communications and actions taken by Color Space have a human intermediary. 

  • Sharing of your personal information
    We will only share your personal information with third parties if that is absolutely necessary for the execution of our services or if required by law.

  • Examples of situations where we may share (some) of your information with third parties are as follows, but not limited to:
    - We provide you with a parking location for your vehicle and the parking establishment requires the license plate number of your vehicle.
    - We provide you with service in a location which is not owned by Color Space and requires your information to be registered in order to grant you access to a building.
    - We make any sort of purchase of copyrighted material or material with royalties which will be purchased to your name by us.

  • Cookies and other browsing information
    Color Space does not collect your browsing information. Our website is hosted by the third party services and, however we have no control over how those websites might use your browsing information. We recommend that you access the Privacy Guidelines of those websites if you wish to further understand what they might do with your browsing information. Color Space is not liable for the data collection of our third party hosting services.

  • You can cancel the use of cookies and other browsing systems by setting up your Internet browser in such a way that it won't create those files. You can also delete your browsing information from your browser's settings.

  • Viewing, altering or erasing personal data
    You have the right to view, alter or delete your personal data which you shared with us. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data by Color Space.
    You can request us to send any personal data that we have about you in a computer file to you or another organization specified by you.

  • You can request any of the aforementioned actions by e-mailing us on In order to process your request, you must attach a copy of a valid ID document so that we can confirm that the person making such a request has the right to do it. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, within a window of 4 weeks.

  • How do we protect your data
    Color Space takes the protection of your data seriously. We take appropriate and reasonable measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification of the data. If you feel that there are indications of abuse, please contact us at

  • We do not sell your data to any third parties or disclose your personal information to anyone without your knowledge and consent.

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