color grading

All prices are shown excluding 21% VAT.

  • 1 day:  

    • Hour price: €85,00/h for color + €25/h for the set = €110,00/h

    • Max price per day (≤ 12h): fixed price €950,00 (incl. set)

  • 2 days or longer: 

    • Hour price: €80,00/h + €15,00/h for the set =  €95,00/h

    • Max price per day (= 12h): fixed price €800,00 (incl. set)

      The grade took 3 days, but the last day was only 2 hours.

      Day 1 = €800,00
      Day 2 = €800,00
      Day 3 = 2 hours x €95,00 = €190,00

      Total: €1790,00


  • On location: 
    If you provide the set, you only pay for the hour price for color as described above (so excluding the set price) + travel costs.

Extra notes:

  • The project files created by the colorist (from DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda, Baselight etc.) are not included in the price. If you wish to receive the open project files, take into account that will incur extra costs.

  • We keep the project files in our system for a minimum of 90 days after completion of the job should you need to revisit the grade or if you wish for a different rendering format.

  • If you want us to hold onto your project files for longer than 90 days, please inform us about that as soon as possible.

If you need more information about these points, please talk to us directly.