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color grading(2022)

IMPORTANT: The prices below apply for "short" jobs (1 to 4 days).

For long-haul jobs (for example: entire season of a TV show or a feature film), a fixed project price can be discussed based on the estimated length of the grading process.

When hiring Color Space for a color grading job, you must accept the Terms and Conditions.

All prices are shown excluding 21% VAT.

  • 1 day:  

    • Hour price: €85,00/h for color + €25/h for the set = €110,00/h

    • Max price for single day (8-12 hours*): fixed price €950,00 (incl. set)

  • 2 days or longer: 

    • Each 8-hour day at €875,00 (incl. set)

    • Extra hour price: €80,00/h


The grade was done within 3 days, but on the last day only 2 hours were used.

Day 1 = €875,00
Day 2 = €875,00
Day 3 = 2 hours x €80,00 = €160,00

Total: €1910,00

  • On location: 
    If you provide the set, you only pay for the hour price for color as described above (so excluding the set price) + travel costs.

    • IMPORTANT If you choose for grading at your own location or a third-party location (for example: a post-production house), you become responsible for the technical outcome of the color of your videos. Think about screen calibration, computer settings, ambient light etc. If you need more information or advice about this, contact us before making a decision.

Extra notes:

  • * A color grading day is by standard 8 hours long. The decision to go beyond the 8 hours can be made by Color Space on the day of the grading itself and based on the individual circumstances of each given job if, by doing so, a second day might be avoided. A color grading day cannot be booked as more than 8 hours long ahead of time.

  • When you choose to do the grade including the set, the price already includes media management (on our side), storage and delivery.

  • Conforming a mixdown of your video with an .edl/.xml file or scene-detection is included in the prices. The prices do NOT include conforming of the timeline(s) in case of a complex timeline if you wish to relink to the original footage. If you're not sure what your project needs, please talk to us for advice.

  • The project files created by the colorist (from DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda, Baselight etc.) are not included in the price. If you wish to receive the open project files, take into account that will incur extra costs.

  • We keep the project files in our system for a minimum of 90 days after completion of the job should you need to revisit the grade or if you wish for a different rendering format. However, we may delete the media files before the end of this period without notice, so you would need to send us those again.

  • We do not keep project files or media files from grades done outside Color Space (such as your own studio or a third party location you chose). If you wish for us to keep those files, you must discuss with the location the possibility of them providing that to us.

  • If you want us to hold onto your project and/or media files for longer than 90 days, please inform us about that as soon as possible.

If you need more information about these points, please check our Terms or talk to us directly.

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